Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

01 - 3 - 2013 |

D7.1 - IP strategy report

The SMART-NANO consortium delivered a report defining the intellectual property (IP) strategy to be followed and implemented by the project. The purpose of the strategy is to identify, develop and protect IP that adds value to the project, as well as to leverage existing IP through collaboration. At a later stage in the project, resources will be devoted to identify and avoid infringing IP owned by third-parties that may obstruct the project exploitation phase. The IP strategy presented by the SMART-NANO consortium focused on the so-called essential IP, namely IP that is essential for the exploitation of the principal deliverables of the project and that can be sufficiently protected with suitable legal tools. The consortium will periodically review its IP strategy during the project to follow the latest development in technology, regulations and market.