Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

01 - 5 - 2014 |

D1.1 - Application Specific Cartridge Prototype, Protocols and isolated ENPs for Supercritical CO2.

Supercritical CO2 extraction techniques for the isolation of ENP have been evaluated for four different model systems. A simple extraction method was found to effectively remove water and CO2-soluble compounds from each material, resulting in a residue that contained the ENPs. Under optimal extraction conditions, the residues were dry films or foams that could readily be dissolved or suspended in a suitable solvent for subsequent analysis. To allow for easier manipulation and handling of the materials containing the ENP, a cartridge system was developed. A stainless steel holder with either a stainless steel or Teflon insert allowed for accurate filling of the cartridge cavity with the sample and easy collection of the resultant dried ENP residue prior to further processing.