Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

01 - 5 - 2014 |

D6.3 - Data report on the final 4 model systems

The SMART-NANO consortium selected a set of target ENP containing samples, which are well representative samples for the four model systems targeted by the project (consumer products, food, environment and in biota samples). These kits will now be used for further analysis by the technology partners and for the development and validation of the SMART-NANO platform. The refined kits for the 4 model systems were selected among the ENP-containing samples with different matrices produced in the first part of the project. For each model system, a single priority sample was defined, consisting of one type of nanoparticle and one model-specific matrix. The kits were selected based on regulations, customer preference, scientific evidence and characterization measurements carried out by the SMART-NANO partners regarding stability, reproducibility of ENP size, compatibility with FFF, etc. The final kits will now be produced and distributed to the SMART-NANO partners for further evaluation and will serve as basic tools for the development and validation of the SMARTNANO technology platform.