Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

10 - 3 - 2015 |

D4.3 - Detailed Cost of Good Analysis and Safety Assessment of the hyper-sensitive detection system and fraction collection module for ICP-MS

A comprehensive assessment of the safety and cost of the hDLS system and the online connection as well as off-line Collection Cartridge Module for ENP Identification by ICP-MS used in the SMART-NANO project was carried out. The assessment indicated reduced or negligible safety concerns in comparison with current analytical devices. The systems are expected to provide good safety levels and acceptable costs. Both systems are, according to our current estimates, fully compatible with the existing EU and US regulation. No complications or limitations related to these specific systems were identified. Environmental concerns and required safety measures were addressed and observed to be minimal, according to the defined ecologically-sound objectives.