Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

The SMART-NANO advancements are implemented in four Work Packages:

WP1: Ecologically-sound ENP Isolation Separation Cartridge Modules;

WP2: Innovative Cost-effective ENP Separation Cartridge Module;

WP3: On-chip in-line ENP Detection, Measurement and Quantification Cartridge Module;

WP4: Innovative ENP Hyper-Sensitive Size Measurement and Identification Modules.

These four innovation driven Work Packages yield modules that are integrated, as needed, to build the SMART-NANO application specific "from sample-to-results" cartridges. In order to maximize progress and accomplishments within the given schedule and the available resources, the four Advancements WPs are designed to progress simultaneously and are interlinked with each other only at the microfluidics interface level. Integration of the different cartridge modules into the SMART-NANO platform is accomplished in Work Package 5 (WP5: Cartridge & Instrument Integration). Methods are developed for the different type of ENPs, matrices and detection modes yielding generic protocols and cartridges that will be tailored to specific applications (Consumer Products, Food, Environment, and in situ in Biota) in the Applications Specific Protocol Optimization Work Package 6. Work Package 7 is focused towards the SME driven end-user community with dissemination activities and the establishment of an exploitation plan for the end product.