Programme: FP7 - NMP.2011.1.3-1 - Contract n°280779

The SMART-NANO consortium has devised the project's main objectives as:

1. To increase the sensitivity, specificity and versatility of nanoparticle detection instruments using newly developed and optimized pre-separation and separation steps based on ecologically-sound supercritical CO2 extraction and flow field-flow fractionation;

2. To increase the sensitivity and quantification of nanoparticle detection by next generation dynamic light scattering;

3. To provide robust, highly sensitive, miniaturized, and application-specific separation and detection cartridges;

4. To provide innovative hyper-sensitive measurement to assess ENP fate and behavior in complex matrices;

5. To validate the SMART-NANO detection platform and demonstrate its application for cost-effective measurements of nanoparticles in complex matrices such as biological systems, consumers products and in the environment;

6. Finally and most importantly, to guarantee the impact of the project on participating SMEs and the targeted SME dominated industrial communities as well as in the quest for nano-safety evaluation and complete risk assessment of ENP based on actual detected concentrations under various exposure scenarios.